School Bus Industry and COVID19

As many states begin to reopen their schools, how has the looming effects of the pandemic altered your way of conducting business?

In South Florida alone, thousands of kids are transported over 6000 different routes to and from school Monday thru Friday. With the rising cases of coronavirus, as schools began to reopen, the inside of those buses began to look much different than those of our childhood memories. Most buses are now equipped with mounted bottles of hand-sanitizer, wipes and Lysol spray bottles. Children have their temperatures checked and are spaced out every other seat. Masks are required the entire bus ride per CDC recommendations and trips are shorter than prior to the pandemic. Some bus drivers have even gone as far as installing plexiglass partitions to separate themselves and the children onboard. Although, not required.

Both private and county buses have had to make drastic alterations in the way they conduct their businesses and maintain their buses. Sanitization procedures before and after routes are strongly suggested and drivers must be especially careful to dispose any contaminated items i.e. masks, tissues or clothing left on the bus. Should a child that rode the bus be reported as having the virus, the concern of quarantining is another factor in this ever changing COVID phenomenon. Taking into consideration the many risk factors, drastic decrease in number of children being transported and insurance costs, many bus companies have had to face reducing fleet size drastically or shutting down altogether. During the height of this pandemic, our agency assisted hundreds of companies with these transitions by providing around the clock service and consultations.

COVID is still an uncertainty in our world, but one thing that remains constant is the need for the transportation of our children.  Communication is the key to staying on top of the latest news on the virus. Be sure to contact your agent for any changes that may be going on in the insurance industry as well to make sure you take advantage of any programs available for your business.  

–Stay Safe

A laugh to lighten your day:

“Why don’t ants ever get sick……….because they have little anty -bodies”

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